Transferring skills across sectors

Enforcement Skills is a member of the Red Snapper Group.  The Red Snapper Group is the market leading recruitment business for job seekers who possess skill sets and work experience gained in crime prevention & detection, intelligence and criminal analysis, risk management and regulatory frame work enforcement, offender supervision and rehabilitation

A mouthful we know!  However these are the key common skills denominators on which the business is built.

We support 6 broad work communities

  • Policing
  • Regulatory Enforcement
  • Offender Supervision / Rehabilitation
  • Counter Fraud
  • Community Safety
  • Risk Management

The mobility of job seekers between these work communities whom possess the key common skills denominators has increased markedly across the last 10 to 15 years.

Enforcement professionals now regularly move to many of the work communities listed. They can also transfer their enforcement skills across specialist disciplines within the enforcement sector.

Much enforcement work is as much about personality and resolving conflict as it is investigating breaches and issuing sanctions for non-compliance. This means enforcement is seen as a very attractive and challenging career choice for candidates from both traditional enforcement backgrounds such as the police and military as much as with those from community engagement or customer services skills.

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The idea of switching career paths and cross-sector working has become increasingly popular in recent years and Enforcement Skills are uniquely placed to help potential candidates find challenging roles in a variety of settings.

This is Jacqueline's story.

"I worked for the Probation Service for over 14 years as a Probation Officer. I left the Service and decided that I wanted to broaden my employment repertoire. I completed my CV and posted it on various employment websites. I was contacted about a temporary investigating officer post for the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) and was offered the job.

I found my skills acquired in Probation were transferrable to the role. These included writing, communication, persuasion, negotiation and analytical skills. I found that these were key to conducting robust investigations into complaints, making decisions based on evidence and writing succinct, clear and informed records of investigations and reports.

I did not find the transition difficult to make, although as with any new post I made sure that I familiarised myself with PPO policy, procedures and standards of practice. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the PPO which at times was challenging, but it also enhanced my written, persuasion and analytical skills."

Enforcement Skills has a proven track record of assisting niche candidates to utilise their current skills and make a career move into new sectors. Be it police officers into environmental crime, probation officers into regulators or parking enforcement into CCTV, we have the expertise and market knowledge to make your career move a reality.

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