Planning & Highways

We provide the people you need to deal with unauthorised development and obstructions on public rights of way.

The experts we provide help our clients preserve the areas in which we all live and work. We also ensure any street works are carried out in compliance with relevant legislation, and aren't at risk of causing harm to the public way of life.

Planning and Highways law is often very complex and requires a unique mix of technical knowledge and conflict resolution. Helping residents and businesses understand the law and how to comply is an essential part of what we can offer.

Enforcement Skills can provide experienced Planning and Development Control professionals, Highways officers and experienced enforcement officers to support the work of your Planning and Highways teams.

Enforcement Skills - Sharing the burden of training

We understand it takes valuable time to train people on systems and processes, especially in the complex areas of planning law, investigations and highways enforcement. That's why we'll bear the whole cost of the temporary enforcement officer for the first week *

By giving you the ability to get our people fully up to speed, you're only paying for the skills you signed up to harness.

Our ability to attract enforcement professionals from multi-discipline backgrounds means we are best placed to transfer quality skills into the Planning & Highways sectors.

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* For temporary bookings of a minimum of 3 months.


Our accreditations:

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