National Forum of Restorative Practitioners

A New National Benchmark Standard for Restorative Practice

Restorative Justice brings victims, offenders and communities...

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NSI Press Release

The Red Snapper Group (RSG) announces the purchase of NSI Online Limited.

RSG purchased NSI at the end of...

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The hard sell of paying to police

It is, by all...

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Inspections of private landlords are failing

Councils are failing to pinpoint dangerous, damp and overcrowded private rented homes, research by a leading...

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No more Tweets for Police Officers due to raised fears by watchdog

The proliferation of social media with Northamptonshire officers' using Twitter has raised certain concerns forcing Her Majesty's...

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Lawyers deem officers from five forces victims of indirect age discrimination

The London Central Employment Tribunal have found that through the unjust appropriation of section A19 of The Police Pensions Regulations,...

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