NSI Press Release

The Red Snapper Group (RSG) announces the purchase of NSI Online Limited.

RSG purchased NSI at the end of Feb 2014 to strengthen its media business.

NSI operates several market leading police media titles such as Police Oracle, Police Product Insight and associated titles such as Security Oracle and MOD Oracle.  In addition they operate the UK's largest police forums such as UK Police Online and

NSI's integration into RSG’s media business will result in RSG strengthening its market leading position in the police media market.  The group's combined monthly media audience will be over 360,000 readers.  271,000 of these readers are registered users of the media sites.

The managing director of RSG, Martin Jerrold, commenting on the purchase stated 

'The purchase of NSI Online is great news for our clients and our team.  Our media business now covers the full spectrum of the police audience and the broader crime prevention/detection work communities.   Our strategy of offering several police media titles with different voices and target audiences means our brand is recognised right across the police family, from newly appointed staff, through to senior decision makers.  

Across the next 10 years the shape of the police market will change a great deal.  The addition of the NSI media titles to RSG will, in part, help future proof RSG in terms of meeting the challenges of the changing market conditions.

Most importantly the purchase will have a fantastic impact on the services we deliver to our clients.  It will extend and enhance our already diverse offering of advertising media, staffing services and education & training services.  It will increase our capabilities and our capacity.  We will be able to deliver a richer more diverse range of services with levels of efficiencies and cost savings which will continue to outperform the broader market - We're delighted and our client's will be too!'

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