Environmental Health & Licensing

The enforcement of Environmental Health standards requires specialist technical skills. We offer the most cost-efficient means to find this expertise for organisations across the UK.

Our in-depth market and technical knowledge within enforcement and environmental health enables us to offer a personal service. This is dedicated to finding candidates who suit express needs.

Our resourcing team works constantly to build a network of leading EHO talent. We make this pool of talent available to clients for both on-demand temporary inspections and longer term recruitment needs.

We support both Local Government and the private sector, while our expertise encompasses the following specialist areas:

  • Public Health 
  • Health & Safety
  • Pest Control
  • Private Sector Housing
  • Licensing
  • Pollution 
  • Environmental Protection




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Our accreditations:

REC Reg No - 2009/541
ISO Accreditation
Certificate Number 11960
ISO 9001:2008
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